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Data Analytics & Data Innovatie

Creating information from your data,
that’s what we do.



There is more and more data available in many organizations. To use your data strategically, the data must be made understandable. What data is available in the organization and is it relevant to supplement this with external data? What can you do with it? Together with our data scientists you dive into the possibilities of data innovation and what it can mean for your business.


The data experts from BPSolutions convert your data into usable information and create insight into business processes and systems. With the help of specilistic visualizations, predictive modeling and machine learning, this insight is used for advanced analyzes. By combining data and models with your domain knowledge, you are able to lead the way in your industry.


A data solution must meet many requirements: flexible, scalable, but above all reliable and safe. BPSolutions is, besides designing and implementing analytics platforms, specialist in managing and maintaining high-end data platforms. Both a managed on-premise and a managed cloud service are among the possibilities.



Million websites online at this moment
billion dollar estimated savings in Health by using AI in the US
Google search actions per seconde






Process Automatisation

Use your data to create insight into your business processes. This allows you to optimize the existing processes and possibly automate them. In this fast and cost-efficient way, it is possible to guarantee transparency, consistency and quality.



Where originally your product or service is offered to the ‘average person’, you can use your data to discover who your customer or patient is. Increase your conversion and customer satisfaction by personalizing your product or service. This is already possible with a simple analysis.


Decision Support

Reliable and up-to-date information enables you and your employees to make the right business decisions quickly. By making optimal use of data your organization will perform better and you will be able to reduce costs, generate more profit and manage risks better.


Product Innovatie

Customize your business model or create new business models. Stay ahead in your industry by using internal and external data sources. Turning your data into information is a first step, but based entirely on data, that is really innovation!


Sport & Lifestyle Data Analytics

More and more personal data are being collected, both structured and unstructured. On the basis of this data, insight is gained into how to be more effective, to save costs or to discover new applications. The data scientists of BPAnalytics are experienced in the field of Personal Health.

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Data Analytics Healthcare

E-health and value-based healthcare (VHBC) contribute to increasing the quality of care and reducing costs. Smart use of data ensures that processes can be optimized and insight can be gained that contributes to a more efficient use of time and resources.

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Data Analytics Transport & Logistics Sector

Various sources within logistics, transport and infrastructure offer insights that ensure that routes or services can be optimized. This data can be used more efficiently and (real-time) decisions can be taken in a well-founded manner.

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Data Analytics - IBM Watson Explorer Query Routing

BPAnalytics has experience with quickly setting up solutions with IBM Watson Technology. In October 2017, the BPAnalytics team achieved the European final with their cognitive solution using IBM Watson Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson Language Understanding. The technology of IBM Watson offers the possibility to quickly provide insight into what a cognitive solution can mean for you.


Data Analytics - RStudio en Matlab

Reporting is often a combination of processing and interpreting data, merged in a report. This is an iterative task that takes a lot of time for the reporter. BPAnalytics has developed a solution where the data to be reported is automatically read, analyzed and processed. With a single push of a button reports are run and stored on a server as desired. ‘The time I have spent reporting has been halved by this solution. ‘, according to a satisfied user of the solution.


Data Analytics - Sap Hana Hadoop

‘Disruptive’, that’s what SAP calls their new integration with Hadoop. SAP offers the rich functionality where Hadoop brings the scalability that is indispensable for a good big data solution. ‘The best of both worlds’, says Louis Joosse, Principal Consultant of BPAnalytics. Through years of experience, BPSolutions Group can call itself an expert with certainty and advise you on the possibilities with this new integration with the help of SAP Vora.


What is the value of your data?

You want to get started with your data. There are various tools and methods available. But where do you start? And is your data actually suitable? The data scientists and engineers of BPAnalytics think along with you on your issue and help you to become familiar with the world of data and information.




Data Analytics - Data Advies, Data Oplossingen en Data Beheer



Data Advisory

BPAnalytics helps you to clarify and find out what data analytics could mean for you by organizing a discovery workshop.

We specialize in finding the right approach to your problem. We are convinced that every problem is unique and will therefore see every problem as a new challenge with a suitable solution design suitable for your organization.



Data Solutions

The data engineers and scientists of BPAnalytics are specialized in finding data driven solutions and executing unique issues.

Together with you and your knowledge about your own data we will search for the insights to your data challenges. These challenges range from providing insight into your data to applying complex, predictive models.



Data Exploitation

You are looking for an analytics platform, but do not want to invest in management? Are you looking for continuity with Enterprise class technology and also the flexibility to switch quickly and grow?

We help you with this! From 24 × 7 monitoring and management, functional management, managed platforms in the cloud or on-premise, and data science as a service to monitor and adjust models.